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consulted with the obama administration, with his wife, secretary of state hillary clinton, and decided if he was going to go he had to be sure there was going to be a successful outcome. i think what we are seeing is a lot of people working very hard for a long period of time and bill clinton pushed that ball over the goal line. >> reporter: you talked about the former president consulting with his wife who is also the current secretary of state, but the obama administration has been careful in saying this was a personal visit, not a formal administration representative, but there are reports that president clinton may have talked to kim jong-il about other issues beyond the release of these women and other americans being held in north korea. is that a problem for the obama administration? >> not necessarily. this shows great despairty between how the north koreans reported this meeting and how the u.s. government reported the meeting. an entire range of issues were discussed and president clinton conveyed a personal message from obama. the state department denied that president obama
is in washington for high-level talks with obama administration officials. and america has a lot riding on mubarak. the united states gives some $2 billion a year to egypt, which remains one of our most reliable arab allies. but egypt's future is murky. mubarak is now 81 years old and, by some accounts, is in failing health. and no successor has been named. what does it all mean, especially at a time when there is some level of discontent within egypt? to help make sense of it all, we turn to abc australia's middle east correspondent ben knight. >> reporter: in the heart of cairo murad sabri mustafa is coming home to the apartment he's preparing to leave. he's off to libya, which now offers him better prospects than the country he was born in. >> the income here is very low, to have - to save from and to have a good life. >> reporter: there are many like him in egypt's middle class, and they're tired of watching their country stagnate. >> we need change. i saw a lot of egyptians in other countries. they are succeed. >> reporter: but change is something egyptians don't often see. for 28 years hosni
or two years as a whole. the american estimation is three years. >> the obama administration wants to negotiate an end to iran's nuclear program, but israel's president told fox news his country has little faith that the u.n.'s nuclear watchdog can stop iran. >> so do you have any confidence in the iaea or its head? >> no, i don't think so. you know, they didn't even discover that there was a nuclear danger in syria. facts are stronger than institutions, and institutions shouldn't lag behind the realities. >> and one of those realities, warns "the wall street journal," is that the moolas ruling iran have decided they have nothing to fear. quote, they've long concluded that the u.n. is no threat as iaea chief has become an apology man for iran's program and can see that the west lacks the will to do anything. on fox news sunday, former vice president dick cheney was asked why the bush administration didn't take out the iranian nuclear program. >> it wasn't my decision to make >> would you have favored military action? >> i was probably a bigger advocate of military action than any o
that it has been facing over the last four or five year insurgency. certainly the obama administration is also trying to turn over a new leaf. i think there are two keys to an improved strategy. the first is obviously increased security. and that's not only about killing insurgents but also about making the afghan population feel more secure. and it's about justice. it's about rooting out the problems of corruption that have turned many afghans away from the government. >> no matter who wins, is it likely to change the nature and the duration of the american mission there? >> well, i do think that the outcome of this election could have a serious impact on the american engagement in afghanistan. ultimately, leadership from the top is going to be necessary from the afghan side to clearly turn things around and whether it's a question of political reconciliation with the taliban, improving the record of afghan security forces, rooting out corruption, dealing with the narcotics problem, these are things that ultimately require afghan leadership, and without strong afghan leadership, the united st
at the obama administration, upset over the criminal investigation over alleged abuses by c.i.a. interrogators. catherine herridge has the story. >> the approach of the obama administration -- >> the former vice president's comments, his first since the internal c.i.a. investigation of the enhanced interrogation program was declassified this week will stoke the political fires. in an interview with fox news sunday host chris wallace, mr. cheney takes aim at attorney general eric holder and his decision to investigate and possibly prosecute a small number of c.i.a. employees and contractors whose cases have already been reviewed by career prosecutors. >> we had a track record now of 8 years of defending the nation against any further mass casualty attacks from al qaeda. the approach of the obama administration should be to come to those people that were involved in that policy and say how did you do it? what were the keys to keeping the country safe over that period of time? instead,er there's threatening to disbar the lawyers who gave us the legal opinions, threatening contrary to what the pre
and laura ling. their families released a statement that thanked the obama administration, then continues, "we especially want to thank president bill clinton for taking on such an arduous mission and vice president al gore for his tireless efforts to bring laura and ue that home. and we are counting the seconds to hold laura and unithat in our arms." we still don't know what they may have gotten in exchange for the release, but for the women and their families this ends a terrifying chapter that began when the journalists were first captured. here are the events that brought us to this points. >> thank you for having us here. >> they were working for the cable network that al gore founded -- current tv. they were on a story about human trafficking back in march and they were right here' chinese-north korean border when north korean forces grabbed them. >> two american citizens are being detained by the north. the less we say about this publicly, the better for those parties concerned. >> the women accused of illegally entering north korea and engaging in hostile acts, one of them the sis
and i were talking about the fact that the obama administration has been quite tight-lipped about how all of this has unfolded, is taking place. give us a sense of president obama himself. his message and his approach with kim jong-il has been very different than president bush, former president bush. he has really tried to reach out and create a dialogue with this leader, but he has been faced with a nuclear test, with these kinds of missiles, these kinds of things that have happened in the first month of his -- six months of his presidency. is there a sense of frustration there at the white house in terms of making steps with north korea? >> it is true, not just north korea but iran what the white house has seen as a different tone to the countries, in terms of nuclear ambitions, using a con sill tary tone rather than hitting them over the head. north korea, in fact, firing off these test missiles and nuclear missiles as well and so yes, even though the white house continues to reach out, north korea keeps reacting the way people pretty much expect north korea to act. the white hous
at the time. dana bash, cnn, washington. >> the obama administration holding a meeting at the white house on immigration reform. homeland security secretary janet napolitano leading the session which included religious, business and special interest groups but which excluded the media. president obama was not scheduled to attend the meeting but apparently he did make an appearance. a white house spokesman said the president understands our nation's immigration system is broken and needs to be fixed and that's why he asked secretary napolitano to meet with stake holders and members of congress to move the legislative process forward. today scotland released the only person convicted in the 1988 bombing of pan am flight over lockerbie scotland. the attack killed 270 people. ali mohmed al megrahi is home after the scottish government sent him free. crowds estimated at 1,000 cheered his arrival. a hero's welcome as he arrived. scottish government officials releasing the libyan on compassionate grounds. he has terminal prostate cancer. the victims' families expressing outrage over the terroris
in defense. the obama administration wants to reform export controls on weapons and technology. we'll talk to an expert. the army bet all its marble on a modernization program. a combat system. but now fcs is no more. unmanned aircraft, robots, gates wants the army to develop a clearer plan for the future vehicles it needs and how they will be different from the one army is buying for iraq and afghanistan. at the same time the army is continue to go rabidly introduce new soldier level equipment from small arms to body arm more and ground vehicles. here with me to discuss this is lieutenant steven speaks. general, welcome back to the show. >> it is an honor to be here. >> let's start with what was fcs. on the vehicles secretary gates had them stripped down because he was concerned that the smaller lighter more agile vehicle might not as well suited for an i.e.d. future. what kind of vehicles is the army leaning toward developing for the future? >> i'd like to focus on the importance of what he told us. he affirmed critical elements of our strategy. he said spin-outs were the way we ought to
for the exit ramp. the obama administration says the program is out of money, and it will be suspended unless congress approves another $2 billion this week. the program has already gone through $1 billion, leading to the sale of 250,000 new vehicles. owners of gas guzzlers can receive rebates of up to $4,500 toward the purchase of a new fuel-efficient car. ford says the program helped boost sales for the first time in two years. the house has already approved the new money. now it's up to the senate, but some republicans may try to block it. >> we estimated this would cost $1 billion. now they're saying we need $2 billion more. the role of the federal government is not to run the used car business. >> reporter: democrats believe cash for clunkers is one more way to reverse the recession, and the obama administration's top money men think the economy just may be headed for a turnaround. >> if you look at economic output over the next six months, it's actually likely to start to increase. >> reporter: and former federal reserve chairman alan greenspan thinks the worst is behind us. >> i'm pret
not had that kind of global conservation corps. the obama administration is willing to talk about climate conservation and really focus on global standards. china is polluting big-time right now. how can we stop that from happening or curtail at some time -- curtail it somehow? the obama administration is starting to already do this, they are creating wildlife corridors, how to more properly used land, redefining some areas as wilderness. i think you will find a progressive and energetic conservation agenda, but the obama administration will have it and a year or two. another focuses on health care and is hard to get the parks in there. with the documentary coming out and hopefully my book is helpful and it reminds people we have a great park system, forest, monuments, scenic wonders, but we have to fight to continue to protect them, and that was r.r.'s legacy. -- t.r.'s legacy. folks like lyndon johnson and kennedy also fought hard. the hope is that the obama administration will do that, and so far it looks good and looks encouraging. tavis: finally, i know they have talked about this is
the obama administration has been trying to find a way to get the journalists out. i think the north koreans after the new u. n. sanctions, after some experience with the isolation they felt since their nuclear test, wanted some sort of way to show that they were able to break out of the isolation. so i think they indicated that they would be very interested in a visit by someone like president clinton. they made an overtour and the administration decided for the sake of the journalists to take them up on that. >> mr. harrison? it's hard to know what the thinking is in north korea. >> in this case the important thing is that was not the administration's baby. the administration did not create this mission, bill clinton did. bill clinton went to seoul, south korea, in may he met former president of south korea whom he had worked with as president. he said you're the guy to go to north korea and not only release the two, get the release of the two imprisoned journalists, but open up a dialogue with north korea, set the stage for negotiations. so bill clinton went back, this became known in sou
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you for watching us tonight. as the obama administration declared war on fox news? that is the subject of tonight's talking points memo. it is known that some in the media, cnn and msnbc, generally support president obama in the health-care arenas. this was said to matt lauer. -- in the health-care koarena. >> putting the special interests back in charge. bill: he is obviously criticizing foxnews.com and it sounds like he is pointing for a fight, is seen not -- he is obviously criticizing fox news. is he not? 14 these numbers tell the story. even the fox news has big ratings, fox news has nothing to do with the negative ratings. now, we invited robert gibbs on the program tonight, and once again, he declined, which is foolish. he and his cohorts should all over fnc to convince you that what they are doing is good, but, instead, gibbs is living in cheap-shot alley. yesterday, president obama said this. >> there is this notion that somehow we will be cutting or medicare benefits. we are not. the aarp would not be endorsing a bill if it were undermining medicare. bill: but the night befor
, and i think the obama administration will be going along with that. >> what about the core financial issue, which is what to do about these banks? you wrote an article in the financial times in which you basically remembered the experience of japan's last decade when you were in high government office, and you pointed out that the key problem was they didn't deal with the bad banks fast enough and decisively enough. they kept some of these zombie banks alive, well enough not to die but not well enough to actually give loans. it does seem like there may be some similarity here in that we are not dealing quickly enough, fast enough, and should we, as many people have said effectively take over some of these bad banks and write these bad assets off their books? >> well, you only -- you would only do that for the minimum amount of time required in order to sell them back to the prooifltprivate sector and get them back into the private sector. what i said was we ought to classify these banks as hopeless, helpless and needy. s hopeless you don't have to do anythin
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and you that with the obama administration coming in in the midst of a huge financial crisis, the deepest recession since the 1930s, problems in afghanistan, problems in iran, hillary clinton going off -- up the wall yesterday in africa -- or a couple days ago, it seems like these people have been in office for some time but we have to remind ourselves this is a six-months' assessment a to be fair to the administration, ron kirk still doesn't have his full staff. i think the senate is holding one of his key appointments and so while there are, i think, preliminary judgments can be made, we ought to know -- we should be careful. that said, of course, this is washington and this is a think tank and we have speakers who write on these things. we will make some preliminary judgments. i'dust like to make three points in three areas rating to the limitation, potential limitations, t barriers, the challenges and also the opportunities that president obama has in moving forward in the trade area. the first relates i'd say to the political situation he faces and the political situation he faces wi
find a face-saving way out. the real test will be how does the obama administration take advantage of this potential opportunity. and whether or not north korea is willing to engage in a substantive way that will actually lead to real progress. >> rose: and then the case of a "newsweek" reporter journalist who lives in iran and was covering the iranian elections when he was detained on june 21. he's still in prison and we'll talk about that with "newsweek's" editor john meacham spl >> what's so disappointing is we for six weeks have respectfully ask that he... that iranian law be followed. they are not following their own due process. the other thing that's unfortunate is iran clearly wants to be part of the family of nations they want to be taken seriously. they want to be part of the world community. but this is not the way one acts if one wants to do that. >> rose: we conclude with part one of a two part conversation with general tony zinni, a distinguished marine who served in the military all of his life with observations about america's role with america's role in the world,
that with the obama administration coming in in the midst of a huge financial crisis, the deepest recession since 1930's, problems in afghanistan, problems in iran, hillary clinton going off -- up the wall yesterday in africa, or a couple days ago, it seems like these people have been in office for some time. but we have to remind ourselves, this is a six-month assessment. and, indeed, to be fair to the administration, ron kirk, the u.s. trade representative, still doesn't have his full staff. i think the senate is holding up one of his key appointments. and so i think there are preliminary judgments to be made, we should be careful. that said, of course, this is washington and this is a think tank and we have speakers who write on these things. we will make some preliminary judgments. i'd just like to make three -- points in three areas. relating to the -- the limitation -- potential limitations, the barriers, the challenges and also the opportunities that president obama has moving forward in the trade area. the first relates i'd say to the political situation he faces and the political situation he
wahid hanna, thank you very much. >> thank you. >>> this week in washington, the obama administration highlighted the great importance of the u.s. relationship with china, especially on economic matters. china is, after all, the biggest lender to the united states economy. but while 200 chinese economic officials were in washington, chinese authorities continue to crackdown on human rights groups back home. in one move, a prominent legal scholar was taken into custody, and he hasn't been heard from since. and it didn't stop there, as we hear from melissa chan of al jazeera english. >> reporter: the center is an organization that helps people fight discrimination in china. its operated for years. but wednesday on, the authorities showed up, unannounced, to collect evidence and investigate supposed illegal activities. the problem? the publication of the office's newsletter. it has apparently not been cleared by the government. >> translator: i suspect our antidiscrimination activities have offended many people including big corporations, common officials and wealthy businessmen. >> repo
are your thoughts on a potential u.n. resolution by the obama administration condemning the release and the welcome home? >> caller: well, i am all for it. i agree with them, with obama's administration, and -- but don't agree with him on the health care reform ideas and the public option. but it is refreshing that i can agree with him on something. i think that... the resolution even if the security council with libya, as a member now, can beat -- at least we'll have our opportunity to express or opinion and present the resolution to the general assembly. >> eric: the u.s. ambassador, we have no word if indeed the administration may submit such a resolution, but, look, the administration, in other areas, tried to work with these countries, do you think the obama administration would actually want to try and get the ire of libya by doing something so public introducing a resolution, knowing libya, the president of the security council, five months ago, they certainly would have such a condemnation. >> i am sure the administration, our administration, has got to make a decision, whet
ago, and it is clear that the obama administration is under extreme time pressure. it now has just under five months to get all the detainees out of gitmo and the question is whether some of them will end up here in standish. bret: a different kind of town hall. thank you. four homeland security chief tom ridge writes that he was pressured by aides to president george w. bush to raise the terror threat level on the eve of the 2004 election. the publisher of ridge's new book has released a sum are ry in which ridge states that then defense secretary done 58d rumsfeld and attorney general john ashcroft asked for the move and ridge said he refused and left government service soon after. a spokesman for rumsfeld tells fox news the allegation is nonsense and that al qaeda had repeatedly threatened to launch more attacks during more americans during that time. if you work in front of the t.v. camera, you know that matching images with words is a key part of our job. we will bring you one example of that not working out too well. and outrage abounds over the and outrage abounds over the r
of more than half a million. this could be welcome news for the obama administration, but white house economist christina romer says it is still not enough. >> we do know we are going to lose jobs almost surely tomorrow. that's hundreds of thousands is, you know, what the market expectation is. so the important thing to say is, 250,000 is a terrible number. so what we're really looking for is that wonderful day when it actually turns positive. >> susie: we'll have more on where christina romer thinks the economy might create new jobs later in the program. >> paul: despite deep discounts, the start of back-to-school season started with a thud last month. discounters like ross, t.j. maxx mall stores fared much worse, where a double-digit sales skid continued at macy's, j.c. penney and abercrombie and fitch. but the news wasn't all bad. among the retail winners: discounters like ross, t.j. maxx and marshall's, which posted sales gains that beat analysts' estimates. a major concern now is that a new sense of frugality is taking hold and parents are focusing on basic necessities like schoo
, not the cia, and it will answer directly to the white house. the move is one of the obama administration's breaks from normal tactics. he is traveling with the president and reports from martha's vineyard. >> reporter: the white house is getting more involved with how valuable information is squeezed from suspended terrorists. the new detainee group will be based at washington headquarters and overseen by the national security council. confirming what was first reported by the washington post. >> we went together with all the different intelligence committees to get the best intelligence possible and consistent with the army field manual. >> this is consistent, you'll get better information? >> the president's view is we can always work harder to protect the american people. >> the president authorized the new group after a recommendation from his top-level task force, which was looking into new ways of gathering information without resorting to torture. the unit is a departure from the bush years when the cia, not the fbi, almost exclusively handled interrogations of al qaeda suspects a
of the and obama -- the obama administration. >>> now we have unseasonably cool weather to discuss. how much longer will thus remain? we will do your forecastca how are we going to make this business work and keep the economy going? it's the local pizza guy that needs to pay his supplier for the dough. during these times when you think most people would roll over, small business owners figure out a way to fight, and i just love being part of that kind of a team. we are able to provide customers with ways that they can keep their business running and profitable. and to really help them... help them get through this tough time. committing small business specialists like myself to the community, i think that speaks loudly to what bank of america thinks the heart of the community is - the small business. >>> first 10 university students are starting the school year with news of another sexual assault that happened yesterday morning he lay down next to the woman, she woke up, and screamed. the pattern is similar to maybe one dozen others and they suspect the same man is responsible preyed on young women
to be the boost for the obama administration. the afghan security forces did deal with security threats. at the same time, it's too early to talk about a success. international observers have been very mixed in their comments. the national democratic institute sees serious flaws. >> the public did their bit. they went out and voted. now we have increasing success. >> it is incredibly problematic. in the next few days, we'll see what will really take place. 35 of the ones that have been filed with serious enough to potentially change the outcome of the results. we will have to see how the commission will deal with those. >> you mentioned the obama administration's new push. how will this affect the decision making in the obama administration? for example, reports over the weekend that american commanders want more. . >> richard holbrooke has toured the entire country, listening to the. various. -- listening to the various generals. what is widely expected in washington will ask for at least another 10,000 troops. those troops will not be enough if we have a deteriorating political situat
of it and it certainly is not anything worth counting on, because the obama administration has to deal with north korea going forward but i hope that north korea makes the right choice. i hope that they realize that we are sincere in our offer to have a different relationship with them if they are willing to move toward the full and verifiable denuclearization. and i think the entire world would welcome that change on their part. >> so there were talks between the united states and north korea? that's step. >> well, we do have some channels to talk with north korea and as the background briefing you received from high administration officials made clear overnight, when the message came us to from the young women themselves to their families, to former vice president gore and then to the administration, that sending my husband would be the best way to ensure their release. of course we took that very seriously, discussed it. the white house reached out, as th they said torque my husband to ask him about that there were briefings about it. but in order to man ability logistics of it, it did require commu
blessed by the obama administration. hillary clinton, the secretary of straight, has been demanding that north korea release u.s. journalists laura ling and euna lee sentenced by the north koreans in june to 12 years for illegal entry. in a statement, their families said they're overjoyed and counting the seconds to hold laura and yuna in our arms. free position the two was the main mission, but talks were wide ranging. and clinton got a meeting with kim jong-il. when clinton was president, former president jimmy carter went to north korea hnd helped cut a nuclear weapons ban. the deal slowly fell apart. two months ago, the north tested a nuclear with that. can clinton help now? >> possibly he'll be back with a message that says they're ready to talk to us. that's about all we can expect. >> reporter: but the north koreans have notched a win. >> they're able to have a big missile test, a nuclear test, capture these two journalists and still got bill clinton to show up. you put it all together and it looks pretty good as a set of tactics by the north koreans. >>eporter: will sending
are there for the obama administration. >> rose: finally, author colson whitehead. his new novel is "sag harbor." they're teenagers and there's a small span of time with they get wiser but i'm not sure it's a coming of age novel. it draw miss my personal experience, you could call it a little more autobiographical. but for me i'll call it a novel and leave it at that. >> rose: the freed american journalist, politics with "morning joe" and colson whitehead next. captioning s snsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> rose: the two american journalists who spent almost five month december thained in north korea are back at home tonight. laura ling and euna lee were welcomed this morning by friends and family at the bob hope airport in burbank, california. former president bill clinton who had flown to north korea to secure their release shared a warm embrace with its former vice president, al gore, who co-founded the television channel that the two women worked for. laura ling addressed the group this morning. >> 30 hours ago euna lee and i were prisoners
, and now looks like the obama administration wants a war with fox is. let me ask you, who is that going to help? us. our ratings are already sorry. they are dying. we are on fire. if the obama administration -- our ratings are already soaring. if they do not, they are dunderheads. there comes a time when the benefit of the doubt ships. misstating the aarp position, using a young girl as a setup, and attacking a news organization that actually covers the news honestly does not look good. your health-care vision is not playing in peoria or other places. you want to turn things around? stop the nonsense and present your case on the news network that really matters. that is the memo. in a moment, dick morris will analyze this deal, including president obama dissing fox news. we will make that happen, upcoming. he ran off with his secretary! she's 23 years old! - oh, come on. - enough! you get half and you get half. ( chirp ) team three, boathouse? ( chirp ) oh yeah-- his and hers. - ( crowd gasping ) - ( chirp ) van gogh? ( chirp ) even steven. - ( chirp ) mansion. - ( chirp ) good to go.
-bye bipartisanship. >> the obama administration is considering pushing a health care reform bill through congress without republican backing. >> basically muscle thing through the senate with democratic only votes. >> go eight loan approach. >> the president said late today he still hopes that there is a bipartisan bill. privately they had been recognizing it. that the chances of getting bipartisan bill are very, very low. >> the final straw may have been a comment by a top republican senator, john kyle of arizona. there is no way republicans are going to support a trillion dollar bill. >> it is not necessarily their first option what they have been left with. >> they can go it alone. >> go it alone. >> go it alone. >> the public doesn't like, you know the whole go it alone mentality. >> robert gibbs will go to great lengths to say look, the democrats are not going to go this alone. >> the go-it-alone talks come day after a particularly feisty town hall meeting in massachusetts. congressman barney frank giving back as good as he got if not better. >> my question to you is why do you continue to s
is calling an outrage juts move by the obama administration. the decision to investigate the cia interrogation of terrorist suspects. cheney says it's having a devastating impact on morale in the intelligence community. and that could threaten our national security. the former vice president spoke on "fox news sunday" with chris wallace over the weekend. he said the harsh interrogation tactics have prevented attacks and saved lives. dick cheney using some strong language. listen to this. >> i guess the other thing that offends the hell out of me frankly, chris, is we had a track record now of eight years of defending the nation against any further mass casualty attacks from al qaeda. the approach of the obama administration should be to come to those who were involved in that policy and say "how did you do it? what were the keys to keeping this country safe over that period of time?" shepard: well the justice department says whether the tactics worked, it's their job to decide whether they were legal. and the white house is firing back at dick cheney today. listen to this. >> i'm
to care. >> i think that the obama administration started to restore trust in healthcare. [ booing ] >> a mix of boos and cheers there. one piece of misinformation widely spread is that the house bill would push ill seniors to commit suicide. the independent group checked out said that is not true. the bill does allow medicare to pay for counseling on end of life issues. that counseling would tell seniors that they could ask for reseesation efforts or refuse them. many of the most recent town hall meetings around the country have included supporters of the plan who are doing their best to push back. lesli. >> all right, thank you. >>> here's a question that a lot of people are asking. why does providing medical care cost so much under our current system. what you see on your final bill for a hospital stay, covers more than just a price tag of the medical care you get. the american hospital association says overhead cost to run a medical center, pay administrative staff are built into the bottom line. an operating margin covers the cost of new medical technology and replacing worn
on compassionate grounds. the obama administration and the parents of the victims are curious about the decision. >> [unintelligible] i think they will stimulate him as a hero returning home. >> there will be complete coverage on the "today show." that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. do you think a scottish court shouldrelease the man convicted of the 1988 pan-am bombing, so he can die surrounded by his family? email us your response to watercooler@wbaltv.com. >> coming up, the university of pittsburgh denies a gift from someone. >> and one man who tried to take his own death as largest state. >> here is a live look at traffic. in this fine on this thursday morning. >> quite small and skinny downtown. will be in the low 90's around the harbor. there is activity running through the area. some upper level waves that we are writing out ahead of. they will make it here sunday morning. some scattered showers and thunderstorms. papa i have more on your seven- day forecast coming up. >> thank you. one mandate his own debt to flee from financial ruin. he will spend 51 months in jail an
, please call baltimore county police. >> in washington, obama administrative officials will announce new federal guidelines to help businesses prepare for the expected out brick of the swine flu this fall. -- outbreak of the swine flu this fall. our reporter has more from washington. >> at johnson city elementary school in kentucky, the swine flu has swallowed -- followed the students back to school. >> it is scary. >> despite efforts to clean the school, there is one confirmed case of the swine flu virus. more than one-quarter of the school's students and staff were home. many were reporting a fever and vomiting and sore throat. >> it is not a good thing. there is something going around. >> expecting more cases like this at schools and workplaces this fall, the obama administration advises employers on how to prepare for it. >> everybody is holding their breath. this is a barbarous that -- this is a virus that has high activity. >> swine vaccine is expected to be available in october. >> we want people to think about where to get a vexing and make plans for that knowing that additional
of a nuclear program either. progress on the nuclear program will continue. the obama administration is in a pivotal moment where they don't want to have those negotiations and i don't think they know what to say about it. >> >> the administration said that we're going to give iran a chance to respond positively to the offers obama first made as a candidate back in july 2007 for unconditional negotiations. until the general assembly meets, which is september 15, five weeks and six days from now, it's not a lot of time left. i agree with charles. what has really struck me about the president in this and members of this administration is the the stoney indifference to these people that are demonstrating for freedom and for democracy, many of them for a change to this genuinely evil regime that shot a young woman like neda. he has been the status quo of destruction and despair. >> the only option is in congress of a gasoline embargo which would truly hurt iran. it has a lot of crude but doesn't have refined gasoline t would be a dangerous risky step which might involve a blockade. wheth
>>> cannot see the prompter. >>> right now on "andrea mitchell reports," the obama administration is removing the cia from detaining terror suspects and turning more responsibility from interrogation over to the fbi. a special white house task force will oversee interrogation policy and the u.s. will no longer send terror suspects for interrogation in countries that torture. we expect thousands of pages of previously secret reports on past abuses in the next few hours. this as attorney general eric holder may be appointing a special prosecutor to investigate past cia abuses. >>> and amidst charges of voter fraud in afghanistan, officials say the situation there is deteriorating as a taliban continues to gain strength. >>> good day, i'm andrea mitchell, live in washington. while the president is vacationing on martha's vineyard, there are some big changes now concerning national security. nbc's ron allen is traveling with the president in martha's vineyard. ron, the big story at the white house today is this new national security approach a new policy on detainees and interrogation
to be an ambassador in the obama administration it will cost you roughly $500,000 in political contributions. ambassadors are being installed now worldwide and some are so controversial some countries, like germany, are even refusing to sign off on them for the job. and with the universal nightmare looming, new polling data is showing that most americans are actually happy with their health care coverage and want democrats to back off. take a look at this rasmussen poll which shows a sharp improvement in how americans view the health care system. and 80% of those polled rate their coverage add good or excellent. an 11% increase in only a year. i have an idea. instead of weastding a trillion dollars on health care reform nobody wants, why not just give everybody a tax cut in and tonight the waste 101 update features some of the tiniest cities. ouzinkie, alaska, has 165 people. no scores -- stores, no gas stations, not even a stoplight but the federal government is now spending $15 million of your stimulus dollars straight to ouzinkie to rebuild the airport. that's about $90,000 a resident. an
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